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Why We Need Social Media

(This post first appeared on my blog, Content Is Queen Blogger)

Competition. The driving force of business. We’re always in competition with someone, be it a sibling, co-worker, or another business.

The real question is, what makes you stand out from the rest?

Many businesses are turning to Social Media and the world of Web 2.0 because it adds a personal touch to businesses.


Well, I know it sounds odd, that through computers and through computer generated conversations, we can showcase company personalities, but that is the trend nowadays.

If you polled the people you know, the vast majority of them would know the words “Twitter” and “Facebook”.

Not everyone is receptive to jumping on the social media bandwagon, but that’s where people like me come in.

Why Social Media???

Global conversations. Friendly way to introduce your business and company. A great way to establish a web presence. It’s fun, it’s addictive and you can find out what your clients and customers want.

You don’t have to be anyone but yourself.

As a consumer, I follow my favourite brands and businesses on Twitter and Facebook. I find it helpful: I find out when sales are happening, when closures are happening, new products are launching etc.

Twitter and Facebook easily synchronize with blogs so you can publish a blog post and have it appear in your news feed simultaneously. How great is that?

Twitter in itself is microblogging. A text messaged sized statement to get a thought across. Brilliant.

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook…all ways to interact with the public and socialize your business.

Welcome to the year 2011 everyone…this is where it is at….

Your clients want to contribute and participate and these mediums will allow them to do so!

Start establishing your web presence everyone!

These products only help boost your rankings!

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