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I Once Was A Shy Blogger

(This post first appeared on my blog, Content is Queen Blogger)

I got my start in blogging while working at a personal injury law firm in Toronto. It was a great addition to my role as a law clerk. At first, I limited myself to blogging about events the firm was hosting or conferences we were sponsoring. I would post about the different lawyers in the firm.

We hardly had any hits in that first little while.

I also hadn’t discovered “site stats” at that time (which is of course, the greatest tool).

I soon realized that this conservative approach was not going to help us gain a following. I had to stop obsessing over making every blog relate perfectly to our firm. And stop blogging only when told.

I began paying more attention to the news, to the legal blogs feeds, to legal newspapers, and realized there is so much material out there that people want to hear about.

From winter and summer safety tips, to driving tips, the writing possibilities are endless. I would write about construction and traffic alerts, road rage, brain injuries and such.

The key is to have the right categories (but not too many) and the right post tags.

Every industry has news. There’s seasonal news, top 10 lists, recommendations, reviews, a plethora of topics to choose from.

Open your mind to where you can find information.

I check blogs’ site stats often to find out which search terms are the most frequently used. It is a great indicator of how users land on your blog.

Which posts are the most popular? Which sources is your biggest referral source?

Make use of your site stats page that WordPress has to over and you will come up with even more ideas.

Don’t be a shy blogger…the blogging community is waiting for you!



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Mental health advocate. Blogger. Writer. Creative being. Sensitive soul.

(Also law clerk, social media writer/marketer and book worm).

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