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Wordplay and 10 Reasons to Blog

(This post first appeared on my blog, Content is Queen Blogger)

I think now and then, we can all appreciate a little wordplay.

I was thinking about weblogs and weblogging and blogging and having fun with these words.

Originally, blogs were called “Weblogs”… we-blog. We blog. Weblogging- We are blogging!

Or Web log. A log of your thoughts posted on the web. Weblogging- logging your thoughts on the web (literally and figuratively).

Blogging- Be logging- be logging your thoughts, be keeping track of your thoughts!

Regardless of your interpretation, blogging is beneficial for many reasons…

Whether you are an aspiring writer, looking for a way to start being published, it is a fast and easy way to “self-publish” and put your name out there on the vast World Wide Web…

or a savvy entrepreneur looking to expand her business, it is a great way to interact with potential customers and current clients by showcasing your thoughts, business ideas, and give your business a personal touch…

or a corporation looking to add a more human edge to its marketing platform…

or a law firm looking to interact with the general public, without always using legalese.

10 Reasons to Blog:

A blog is the place to be:

  1. Authentic- throw away an facades and use your most natural voice, you want your blog following to like you for your voice and writing, so don’t pretend to be someone or something else.
  2. Build credibility if you are consistent and provide good advice and tips, people will see you as a resource and keep coming back to your site, repeat visitors are always welcome!
  3. Build trust- becoming a trusted resource is ideal, once you become a trusted name, you will receive referrals from other bloggers and visitors as your blog is seen as valuable and informative.
  4. Establish your brand, your name- Blogging will help to add an extra layer of credibility to your brand and name. It is that extra layer behind that “About Page”, it will answer all the questions as to who is really behind the company.
  5. Establish community- blog readers and contributors become part of a community, as well as other online users. Having a blog will help you interact with this community. You want to become part of the online community in order to receive honest feedback and comments about your company.
  6. Build a following- part of establishing a credible, authentic blog and blogging voice is building a following. You will have repeat readers, and readers who recommend your blog to their friends. You can share your blog posts via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well. The more people are reading your blog, and the more hits you get… (see #7)
  7. Drive hits to your website – this is the result of #6. After successfully building a following and establishing a web presence, you have managed to steadily drive hits to your blog site and regular website. These “hits” actually help you establish a better ranking in Google Searches, meaning you are more visible to search engines and internet users.
  8. Be different- Blogs help you to distinguish yourself from the rest of your competition. Not every writer has the same style or has the same insights. Hire a writer with a lot of creativity, and a diverse background, or find someone on your team who can write in many styles and is open minded. That is really the key to blogging- be open minded in terms of what to write about, and style of writing.
  9. Provide insight to your particular industry- How does your company see the industry? Do you have specific tips, top 10 lists, industry news that you want to share with the online community? This is the medium to display this material. Blogs are quickly becoming a popular source for news.
  10. Provide insight to your particular company- Finally, in line with #9, what does your company do to distinguish itself within the industry? Special tips? Certification? For example, does your company have ISO Certification? Provide a behind-the-scenes look at who your staff are and their specialties, a day-in- the- working-life-of series, etc.

Happy blogging everyone!


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