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I have a VOICE

(This post first appeared on my blog, Content is Queen Blogger)

Who saw “The King’s Speech”?

I did. In fact, I liked it so much, that I went out and bought the book and devoured it, page by page, because I had to know more about how King George VI overcame his speech impediment (stammer) and I had to know more about Lionel Logue, his unconventional methods and how he was not, after all, a “real doctor”, and yet he was a great success in treating patients who came from all walks of life.

My favourite scene in the movie is when Bertie, in his last hours of Duke of York,   turns around to find Lionel sitting in King Edward’s chair while they are rehearsing for his coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. He is flustered and trying to convince Lionel to vacate the regal seat. And why should Lionel listen to him?

Because…”I HAVE A VOICE!”.

I honestly think that is the best and most well-played scene in the film.

Yes, your voice is how you assert your power and authority. And it is  most interesting that when Bertie became angry, his stammer would disappear. When he was upset, or frustrated it would come out.

Many of us have experienced a fear of public speaking: ‘What if I am boring?’ ‘What if I pronounce a word wrong?’ etc.

They key is: ABC- Always Be Confident. Yes, you can! If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.

Confidence applies to writing to. Assert a confident tone when you are writing. How else can you convince your readers that you are authentic and “the real deal?”.

If you want to be a salesperson, a marketer, remember that line from Glengarry Glen Ross? Always Be Selling!

Find your voice and write, sell, speak, do what you have to do to make yourself known and establish your path.

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