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Toronto Police has Social Media Officers?

(This post first appeared on my blog, Content is Queen Blogger)

Is there an obvious need for cops to engage in social media? Maybe. Will it help relationships between officers and civilians? Definitely.

The Toronto Police Service has introduced a new kind of officer: The Social Media Officer. Meet PC Scott Mills, of the Toronto Police Service, one of the first social media officers in Canada.

The Toronto Star recently featured a story about how the Toronto Police Service introduced the use of social media and social media officers.

He reaches out to the Internet Generation on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and try to crack a lead on a case by posting videos, tweets and status updates. Through social media, he can make appeals to potential witnesses for information.

What a concept, social media used for the power of good. Social media used to fight crime! Who would have guessed it.

Okay, the Royal Family and the Queen of England are into social media now, so I guess it makes sense. The whole world is on board!

PC Mills is the driving force behind Toronto Police Services’ new social media services’ strategy. The force has recently graduated 50 officers from the training program. By November, there will be 125 more.

Mills says the project is aimed to “build bridges between cops and communities through technology.

“People…will get to know individual officers like me, and trust will grow.”

And that would be ideal, to have trust grow. With trust, people would be more likely to retweet appeals for information and witnesses, and be likely to contact the police through social media to post information.

To read the full article, including the Twitter interview, click here.

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