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More Interesting Reads- Chock Full of Tips!

(This post first appeared on my bog, Content is Queen Blogger)

Yes, Twitter is a great way to find out about web news, marketing news and technology news.

I have organized my Twitter so that I have different lists in order to easily access the posts of the different groups I want to follow.  Wow! Lists make it so much easier. Once you have set up your lists, you will be glad you did!

But, I will admit, it is still even easier when someone, say a fellow blogger is kind enough to post a blog entry about the most interesting reads of the recent week in one entry…

And so fellow bloggers and readers, here is the second installment of Interesting Reads 2011:

The Next Web: “When and how often you should be posting on Twitter and Facebook”

Is there such a thing as posting too much? Do your followers feel overloaded?

A couple of interesting points from this article include:

  • Most Facebook shares occur on Saturdays.
  • The highest percentage of  retweets occur around 5pm EST and the highest click through rate occurs between noon and 6pm EST

The Washington Post: “OED now includes retweet, sexting and cyberbullying”

The Oxford English Dictionary has been adding new words to keep up with the times. As seen by the title of this piece, further technology lingo has been added.

Retweet is now an officially recognized verb and noun:

Retweet (verb): (On the social networking service Twitter) repost or forward (a message posted by another user): tweet the URL of your posting: people love to retweet job ads. Also: (noun) a reposted or forwarded message on Twitter: traffic spiked quickly and contained a mix of retweets and original posts

Fast Company: “NeuroFocus Uses Neuromarketing to Hack Your Brain”

Intel, PayPal, Pepsico, Google, HP, Citi and Microsoft are spending millions to understand your mind. NeuroFocus, a science-based consumer research firm in California, wants to send its product, Mynd into your home. Mynd is the world’s first portable EEG scanner that rests on the subject’s head (without the messy cold gel!). It reads the brain waves while consumers watch TV, go to movie theatres or shop and helps scientists collect valuable data.

The goal is to find out what customers truly desire.

Fast Company: “The Rise of Social Advertising”

Many brands are developing a social media presence. This article has many useful infographics and statistics about social media use. The article features a great discussion about “banner blindness”. Where do clients look when they are reading? It turns out they are reading content. and not focusing as much on the banners. In social networks, content populates the streams of users’ profiles.

Tech 18: “15+ Killer SEO Tips to Optimize Twitter Tweets”

Find great tips for Twitter here. Learn about the importance of url shorteners and hashtags. Learn how to gain targeted followers!

All Twitter: “The Psychology of Twitter- Infographic”

This infographic answers questions like “Am I tweeting too much?”, “How can I get more retweets?”, “What makes people retweet?’

All Twitter: “Twitter Facts and Figures- Infographic”

This infographic provides the latest Twitter facts and figures from around the world. See how many Twitter accounts are opened daily!

Mashable: “How are people using Twitter?”

This detailed infographic breaks down how Twitter uses put Twitter to use worldwide. See what’s trending @ Twitter. How many times does the average user log on, and from what platform?

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to Interesting Reads Part 3 next week!

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