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Interesting Reads Part 3

(This post first appeared on my blog, Content is Queen Blogger)

Welcome to the next installation of Content Queen’s Interesting Reads.

Tech “Five Tips for Weeding Out Potentially Bad Clients”:

Potential clients are important to entrepreneurs. We know they visit our websites to find out about us to see what we can offer them, but what can they offer us? The consultant-client relationship should be mutually beneficial.

Read this helpful article for useful tips you may want to consider before signing up clients.

PC World: “Google+1 Now Links to Google+ Profiles: Let the War on Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button Begin”:

Google+ and Google+1 have garnered much attention recently. Oh how much fun it is to visit a website and endorse a website using the+1 button and have those pages appear on your Google+ profile. It is faster than sharing a link and makes recommending pages that much easier.

Tech “More Managers Value Emotional Intelligence Over IQ”:

In recent times, emotional intelligence has become a popular topic in the work force. While having a reasonable IQ is appreciated, office managers and supervisors are recognizing the importance of EQ. Personality is important. How you interact with your coworkers is very telling.

For those of us who still work in an office environment (while trying to make it on our own), this article is worth a read!

HubSpot- “Free eBook: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization”

Here is a free e-book for those who want to learn about SEO and learn about the process. Learn how search engines work, how to rank in them and how to develop your keywords.

Marketing Sherpa Blog- “Content Marketing: Focus on value, not length”:

How long should a blog post be? How important is content? The Marketing Shop Blog answers your questions: There is no set rule!

Quality over quantity. “How Professionals Use LinkedIn-Social Media Optimization”:

One of the most popular social networking sites, LinkedIn is a popular choice for Professionals to create conversations, make connections, share news, articles, blog posts and information. Learn how professionals are interacting with the network and how to make the platform work for you.

Tech Republic- “Most Unusual Resume Mistakes”:

This is a fun read- ever wonder what not to put on your resume? Look no further!

One example given was “Candidate listed her dog as a reference”. (We all love our dogs…but …).

And finally…

Blog Technical- “Germany bans Facebook ‘Like’ button”:

The data protection commissioner from the Schleswig-Holstein state in Germany has declared that the Facebook “like” button violates German and European data protection laws. He is ordering all government agencies to close down their Fan Pages and all owners of websites based in that state to immediately remove their like buttons from their pages or face legal action.

Earlier in 2011, the German government forced Google to blur out residential homes from Street View and eventually Google discontinued the project and removed the country from the Street View database.

Stay tuned for the next installation coming up next week!


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