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Reflections on the Social Media Journey

(This post first appeared on my blog, Content Is Queen Blogger)

Does anyone else find that this time of year is particularly exhausting? Maybe it’s the shifting weather, the shorter days, nighttime appearing sooner, whatever it is, I am tired.

We are all getting a break soon with the Christmas Holidays and I hope everyone gets a chance to revitalize and refresh themselves then.

No new news here in blog land sadly. I thought I had a potential opportunity again, but that didn’t pan out. I still have 2 loyal clients, which is great in today’s tough economy.

I realized that I am really tired of people telling me they are interested in using me i.e. my parents’ friends, friends of friends, friends telling me of opportunities etc. I am so tired of putting myself out there, writing these mini proposals and nothing. Why am I wasting my time. I know, I know, networking is great and you never know when you need these connections.

Nevertheless, stop disappointing me!

Life is full of disappointments but there are only so many a person can take. On the other hand, this is all part of the starting your own business learning curve- right? Right?


If you want quality content, if you want your website to stand out, if you want a great blog, twitter and Facebook Page, a Pinterest account, a Google+ Page and Business Profile- I do it all. I don’t just set it  up, I write the content. It’s a very attractive deal.  There is a reason why content is what gets you noticed on the World Wide Web.

Content is what makes you sound authoritative, knowledgeable, makes your services sound more attractive than the next guy’s, and puts you ahead of the rest. Fresh content is what keeps you on top and relevant.

If you want your business to be relevant, produce fresh content. The question is, do you have the time to be relevant? Many small business do not have the time, and that’s why I offer reasonably priced packages and services.

What most people fail to realize is that social media is a journey, it’s not a race. Quality will trump quantity when it comes to content.

Social media marketing is still a relatively new sphere for businesses and it is still hard for certain generations to grasp what it is exactly.

That is why you hire a social media consultant.

I know it’s hard for business owners to trust certain aspects of their business to an outsider. Maybe that’s why they meet with me, and “lead me on” and then decide not to use me. Or forget to get back to me.

I understand where the reluctance is coming from. I really do. But what business owners fail to realize is that if you don’t have a website, if you don’t get with the social media program, you will be lost in the wind when it comes to your competition.

And what is business about: customers & competition.

So those are my thoughts of late regarding people leading me on and why business need to reconsider taking a social media journey with me.

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