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Create Your Own Road Map

I had a doctor’s appointment this past week, and as usual, we discussed my mood. I explained that I am still not sleeping well, I am having episodes of hypomania, and I have been very anxious and feeling low. The low is a painful low. I’m having a mixed episode. […]

Music On My Mind

When I am anxious or experiencing a panic attack, I have to distract my mind. One of the better ways to do so at work or in the car is by listening to music. Breathing exercises are important too of course, but I do find listening to music to be very […]

30 Things Not To Say To Those With Bipolar Disorder

This post originally appeared on International Bipolar Foundation’s website: I always enjoy reading “listicles” about “what not to say” and “what to say” to someone with a mental illness. I read them and nod my head in agreement, as I can relate all too well. There are sayings or comments […]